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Our work in Indonesia 1999–2011

Our work in Indonesia 1999–2011 (pdf 1.4 MB)


Quarterly Bulletin Oct 2010

A strategic review of the Indonesia Project: Emmet O’ Malley - Project Coordinator REDD and Communal Land Rights:Michael Mori - PBI Volunteer Reforming state relations with indigenous people: Erasmus

Quarterly Bulletin Oct 2010 (pdf 1.0 MB)


Quarterly bulletin 01 - February 2010

Editorial - PBI ten years in Indonesia - Wamena and Jayapura a ten year celebration - A voice from the past - Thoughts from a field trip - The death of Munir, case revisited - Domestic violence workshop -An intervierview with Pak Septer - Staff profile; Project Coordinator PBI Indonesia

Quarterly bulletin 01 - February 2010 (pdf 659 KB)


Quarterly Bulletin June 2010

Obituary Emmanuel Goo - Introduction to the Jakarta/Papua dialogue - The Jakarta/Papua dialogue; an interview with Muridan Widjojo from LIPI - The Jakarta/Papua dialogue; an interview with Neles Tebay - The Jakarta/Papua dialogue; an article by Matius Murid - The Jakarta/Papua dialogue; an article by Deacon John Djonga- The EU Guidelines for the safety of Human Rights Defenders an Indonesian approach - The implementation of the EU Guidelines for Human Rights Defenders an opportunity and a challenge - A former volunteer returns: an interview with Gerrit Meyer - Staff profile: an interview with the IP International Volunteer Coordinator

Quarterly Bulletin June 2010 (pdf 549 KB)