Where there is a clear need for capacity development for human rights defenders which local organisations cannot meet, PBI provides as much support as possible – working in partnership with local organisations whenever possible. In this way we aim to support human rights defenders develop their capacity to carry out their work effectively and in relative safety.

Much of our training focuses on supporting human rights defenders to improve their security. We share our risk analysis tools, provide practical help and advice tailored to defenders’ specific needs, and support them to develop their long-term security policy and emergency response strategies.

PBI training is highly tailored and specific to each local context. In Colombia, we have many years’ experience of supporting human rights defenders to manage the emotional and psychological strain of their work as well as their more practical security concerns. In Mexico, our security training programme covers a range of issues including digital security. More recently, we have started providing capacity building to help Mexican defenders develop more effective advocacy strategies and support networks.  

In some countries, such as Guatemala, we organise security training workshops which are delivered by local partner organisations with extensive expertise. This enables human rights defenders to share their knowledge and experience.