Publications from PBI Nepal

PBI Nepal produce thematic publications on issues relevant to human rights defenders in Nepal. These can be downloaded below.


PBI Nepal WHRD Report - May 2012

In ‘Between Rocks and Hard Places’ PBI Nepal closely examines the obstacles that WHRDs in Dhanusha face by looking at the nature of threats, gendered abuse, and the impact of a lack of legitimacy in the eyes of the authorities. The report gives insight into how WHRDs perceive challenges and serves as a platform through which their voices can be heard. Whilst the report is geographically specific, the challenges faced by the WHRDs in Dhanusha district will find reflections in many other parts of Nepal.

PBI Nepal WHRD Report - May 2012 (pdf 1.3 MB)


PBI Nepal Eastern Terai Publication - June 2012

At the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012, PBI undertook three specially funded field trips to Siraha, Saptari and Dhanusha, districts in the Eastern Terai of Nepal. The socio- economic structures in the districts have created enduring conditions disposed to conflicts and tension.

PBI Nepal Eastern Terai Publication - June 2012 (pdf 3.7 MB)


PBI Nepal WHRD Publication - Nov 2011

Nepal’s current political instability continues to catalyze impunity throughout the country, leaving human rights defenders (HRDs), and especially women human rights defenders (WHRDs), facing grave challenges and vulnerable to intimidation and physical harm. In this publication, WHRDs working with PBI describe their unique challenges and how the international community can help.

PBI Nepal WHRD Publication - Nov 2011 (pdf 5.9 MB)


PBI Nepal Impunity Publication - May 2011

The culture of impunity in Nepal related to conflict-era crimes continues and affects present-day access to justice. There is an absence of rule of law in many areas and rising insecurity as a result. Human rights defenders working against impunity or within this environment are made vulnerable. Here PBI-Nepal's partners and volunteers describe the situation and the effects on human rights defenders.

PBI Nepal Impunity Publication - May 2011 (pdf 2.6 MB)


Namaste 07 November 2010 - English

Nepal will undergo a review of its human rights situation at the 10th session of the Universal Periodic Review in January 2010. This 7th edition of Namaste focuses on 5 recommendations based on the need to respect and protect HRDs, including women HRDs and journalists. Articles explain in more depth the situations HRDs face which have led to the specific recommendations being made.

Namaste 07 November 2010 - English (pdf 6.2 MB)


Namaste 06 July 2010 - English

In this 6th issue of Namaste PBI wishes to bring your attention to the topic of discrimination in Nepal. Despite improvements in the Interim Constitution of 2007, discrimination is still present in many laws.

Namaste 06 July 2010 - English (pdf 812 KB)


Namaste 05 March 2010 - English

This special issue of the Namaste presents the talking head video 'we are not giving up', a compilation of interviews done by the PBI Nepal teams to 7 human rights defenders.

Namaste 05 March 2010 - English (pdf 1.4 MB)


Namaste 04 December 2009 - English

In this fourth and last 2009 edition of Namaste, PBI would like to draw attention to its accompanied organisations and individuals, all of whom contributed to an interesting year for the PBI team.

Namaste 04 December 2009 - English (pdf 1.8 MB)


Namaste 03 September 2009 - English

In this third edition of Namaste, PBI would like to draw attention to the issue of torture in Nepal, the lacking legal framework and the hardships faced by Advocacy Forum’s (AF) lawyers when visiting detention centers.

Namaste 03 September 2009 - English (pdf 2.4 MB)


Namaste 02 Junio 2009 - Espanol

En esta segunda edición de Namaste, PBI quiere destacar la situación de las víctimas del conflicto, con particular atención al distrito de Bardiya, en el medio-oeste de Nepal, que durante el conflicto fue testigo de un gran número de desapariciones. PBI Nepal ha estado presente de forma continuada en Bardiya desde Abril de 2009.

Namaste 02 Junio 2009 - Espanol (pdf 2.9 MB)


Namaste 02 June 2009 - English

In this second edition of Namaste, PBI would like to draw attention to the situation of victims of the conflict, with a special focus on Bardiya district, in midwestern Nepal, which saw the highest number of disappearances during the conflict. PBI Nepal has had a permanent presence in Bardiya since April 2009.

Namaste 02 June 2009 - English (pdf 2.9 MB)


Namaste 01 Marzo 2009 - Espanol

En esta edición de Namaste, PBI quiere destacar la preocupante situación de los periodistas en Nepal. El alto nivel de impunidad en los casos de abusos pasados y presentes sigue siendo la norma y contribuye en gran medida a la situación de inseguridad en Nepal.

Namaste 01 Marzo 2009 - Espanol (pdf 4.5 MB)


Namaste 01 March 2009 - English

In this edition of Namaste, PBI would like to emphasise the worrying situation of journalists in Nepal. The high level of impunity for past and ongoing abuses continues to be the norm, and this contributes greatly to the current insecure situation in Nepal.

Namaste 01 March 2009 - English (pdf 4.5 MB)