Los aprendizajes sobre la seguridad vienen de los defensores mismos - de sus experiencias y sus estrategías que se desarrollan en el tiempo para protegerse a sí mismos y a su trabajo.

Manuales de seguridad y proteccion

Frontline Manual Spanish pdf

Publicado por Front Line 2005 Fundación Internacional para la Protección de los Defensores de Derechos Humanos 16 Idrone Place, Off Bath Place, Blackrock, County Dublín, Ireland. Los manuales fueron escritos basados en el trabajo del PBI.

Frontline Manual Spanish pdf (pdf 2.4 MB)


Frontline Manual pdf

The most effective security lessons come from defenders themselves - from their daily experiences and the tactics and strategies they develop over time in order to protect others and their own working environments. This manual must therefore be understood as a work in progress which will need to be updated and adapted as we gather more input from human rights defenders working on the front line. There are also lessons to be learned from international humanitarian NGOs, who have recently started to develop their own rules and procedures to maintain staff security. These manuals were written largely based on the work of PBI.

Frontline Manual pdf (pdf 637 KB)


Frontline Handbook

This handbook is intended to give human rights defenders at risk practical advice on how to deal with the attacks which they may have to deal with in their work as a human rights defender. This manual is designed as a quick reference handbook giving helpful and practical suggestions on steps to improve personal security. These manuals were written largely based on the work of PBI.

Frontline Handbook (pdf 401 KB)


AI Guide to EU guidelines implementation

The Guidelines represent a unique commitment by EU institutions and individual EU member states to promote the principles in the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in its relations with countries outside the EU. If fully implemented, the potential for bringing about change is significant. The fact that all member states have agreed to the Guidelines provides a strong basis for the EU to develop an effective human rights policy.

AI Guide to EU guidelines implementation (pdf 365 KB)