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History of PBI Indonesia: 

Following extended discussions with civil society organizations and other stakeholders, PBI began a new Indonesia Project in 2014. The project aims to promote human rights in Indonesia through strengthening the capacities of Human Rights Defenders in remote areas, with a focus on their ability to document human rights abuses, advocate to the Indonesian government and internationally, and build their personal security and protection networks. 

We are collaborating with ELSAM (Institute of Policy Research and Advocacy) to conduct extended trainings for Human Rights Defenders, who are strengthening their skills through a combination of classroom activities, building advocacy and protection networks at the national level, and conducting field research. 20 Human Rights Defenders have already completed these extended trainings, and have done field research covering a wide range of topics, including economic rights of indigenous women, the criminalization of political organizations, violations of labour rights of shipyard workers, socio-economic surveys and the impact of palm oil expansion. Other activities of alumni include coordinating a campaign to address religious-based violence, a speaking tour in Europe, working as a contributing journalist for an international news agency, organizing events to establish the truth of previous human rights abuses, accompanying legal cases of gender-based violence, and conducting their own human rights trainings for students and rural communities.

The Indonesia Project also collaborates with national human rights organizations to organize shorter trainings on specific topics such as Dealing with Aggression, preparing organizational security codes of conduct, and monitoring security sector reforms in conflict zones.

From 1999-2011, Peace Brigades International provided protective accompaniment and participatory peace education to human rights defenders in Papua, Aceh, Flores, West Timor and Jakarta. A report about our past work can be read here: Our Work in Indonesia 1999-2011 PDF


News from PBI Indonesia: 

4 October 2016

The Peace Brigades International Indonesia Project expresses deep sorrow at the passing of Gabrielinda Assem on Saturday, October 1 in Sorong, West Papua due to health complications. We share our condolences with her family, friends and loved ones.

Linda was an alumni of the Basic Course for Human Rights Defenders we operate together with ELSAM. In the short time since participating in our course in 2015, Linda had been prolific in her work advancing human right with the organization Belantara Papua. Over the past year she had been accompanying survivors of domestic violence, advocating for the economic rights of the women working in Sorong’s markets, and joined the Papua Working Group of Asia Justice and Rights (AJAR). She was not only a participant in several meetings, but also played a key role in organizing behind-the-scenes logistics, including for a writing workshop we held six months ago. Linda was particularly proud of her work establishing Toki Toki Noken, which empowers widows and single mothers in Sorong to earn incomes through the sale of traditional woven noken bags and other household goods (

We have been fortunate to meet many inspiring young human rights defenders through this work and even among this group Linda was exceptionally talented and dedicated to promoting human rights and the well-being of the communities in which she worked. At the young age of 27, she has given us a legacy which will not be forgotten.