Our commitment to maintaining a presence in countries for as long as needed gives us in-depth knowledge of the political situation in these places as it affects human rights defenders.

Providing objective, accurate information is vital to ensuring the effectiveness of our work. For example, information on the effects of the political situation on human rights defenders in Colombia is an important reference point in European Union and United Nations institutions.



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Annual reviews, published by the International Office of Peace Brigades International, contain summaries of project achievements, case studies and financial information. >> Download the latest annual review...

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Read reports about our work in Indonesia, field research in Honduras and Africa as well as our Special Report on Impunity and other PBI publications.

Security and Protection Publications

The Protection Handbook for Human Rights Defenders was published in 2007 by Front Line. It is a revised and condensed version of the Protection Manual produced in collaboration with PBI in 2005 (written by Enrique Eguren).

A practical resource that human rights defenders can use in developing their security and protection plans and strategies. Covers techniques for analysing risks and threats and developing effective security and protection strategies and plans. A useful resource for those responsible for security in human rights NGOs and as a support for training for human rights defenders.

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