Since April 2018, thousands of people and numerous organisations and communities have had to leave Nicaragua to protect their personal safety, in many cases without time to say goodbye.

Now in a foreign land, with only the memory of their country, they seek to continue working in the defence of human rights.

The voices of these Nicaraguan exiles are found in different parts of the world, demanding justice, truth, reparation and guarantees of non-repetition, in a tireless quest to return to their country, in order to defend and exercise their rights.

PBI Nicaragua has been accompanying exiled individuals in Costa Rica who have maintained their rôle in the defence of human rights in Nicaragua

We are certain that organised communities can find adequate strategies to continue defending human rights wherever they are and that through their resistance they can generate spaces to come together in recognition of global human dignity. Have a look at our magazine here.


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  13. Testimonies
    1. Keyla
    2. Gerall
    3. Claudia
    4. Juan Carlos
    5. Jacob
    6. Gonzalo
    7. Wendy
    8. Genesis

This is a tribute to the Nicaraguan organisations and collectives that, from exile, work continuously in the defence of human rights, bringing together the voices and testimonies of those who promote this work through non-violent action and in a culture of peace.

PBI Nicaragua in Costa Rica