Last year PBI Colombia celebrated 25 years of offering protective accompaniment to human rights defenders across the country.  To celebrate, PBI Colombia produced a series of 25 videos, recounting the history of the project in the country from the voices of those who have been accompanied by PBI through the years.  See the videos here

Despite the work of PBI in Colombia, the context continues to present serious challenges for human rights defenders, particularly those defending their land and territory and those working to uphold the commitments made by both the government and the FARC through the Peace Agreement. International scrutiny is fundamental to ensure that the Peace Agreement is implemented across the country and that human rights defenders are protected so that they can continue with their important work.  PBI continues to support these brave people in their struggle to improve the quality of life for people across the country.  Please visit PBI Colombia´s website for more information on the current context and the work being carried out by the project.