Can PBI start a field presence in my country?

We generally only investigate the possibility of a new field project following the direct request of local human rights defenders.
If you are a human rights defender at risk in a country where we do not already have a field project please read the information about PBI on our website.
If you decide that PBI’s protective accompaniment and/or other protection services are compatible with your needs, please write to us at stating the work you do, your current security situation and the current barriers to your work, and how you think PBI could support you.

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How can I become a PBI supporter?

In order to get involved in PBI as a member/activist you need to be living in a country where PBI has an established Country Group or Associate Group which co-ordinates membership and all PBI activities within that country. See list of PBI Country Groups.

Volunteers are vital in maintaining and expanding the work of these Groups so your participation would be very much welcomed. Unfortunately PBI does not have an international membership or supporter scheme for people based in countries where we do not have an established structure. However, you can keep informed of PBI’s human rights protection and peace education, and contribute to our work in the following ways:

  • If you have access to the internet, you can read updates on our work through the PBI website at
  • Make a financial contribution to PBI's work by sending an international money order in US dollars, UK Sterling or Euros to the PBI International Office (address at the bottom of the page); or donate online.
  • If you want to pursue your interest in PBI's work further, consider the possibility of applying to volunteer with one of the projects. See the following questions and answers.

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How can I become a volunteer on a PBI team in the field?

Check this list to see if you live in a country which has a Country or Associate group. Click on the country links and scroll to find the country group address.

If you have a country group, you should contact them to find out how you can get involved in the group and what the procedures are for joining a PBI project. Many groups organise introductory trainings on the philosophy, mandate and principles and the work of PBI. If you are considering joining a team or getting involved in PBI in any other way it is essential that you attend one of these trainings.

You should study the pages for volunteers online, both in general and for the project you are interested in.

If you live in a place where there is no PBI country group, contact the office of the project you would like to join directly.

If you are considering joining a project please consult with the Project Office about visa restrictions and the 'Own Country Rule', which states that citizens of one country cannot volunteer in a PBI project in their own country for reasons of non-partisanship and security.

Minimum requirements for becoming a project volunteer – see for more comprehensive information

  • Fluency in the language of the country where the project is based.
  • Commitment to the principles and mandate of PBI
  • Willingness to undertake an intensive multi-day project training and additional long distance training
  • Ability to adapt to living and working in rapidly changing, stressful circumstances
  • Previous active involvement in a peace or human rights organisation
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Capacity to analyse complex political situations
  • Willing to make a commitment for a minimum of one year (or 18 months: Colombia Project)

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I would like to become an intern/volunteer in a country group office

The International Office and some country groups sometimes have opportunities for volunteering in their offices or supporting their work in other ways.

To volunteer with the PBI UK Country Group please visit PBI UK’s website, fill out the application form and follow the instructions here.

For information about other country groups or to find out about volunteering at the International Office in London visit or contact: admin(at)

Can I join your mailing list?

The International Office does not send out newsletters. Please visit our Facebook page where you can see some of the latest news from PBI.

I'm interested in a paid job with PBI

As a largely volunteer organisation, there are few paid posts within PBI. However, whenever we recruit new staff, the posts are advertised on our web site, so please check the main page, country group and project pages from time to time.

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I would like to volunteer as a translator

PBI functions internally in two languages: Spanish and English. So we regularly need volunteers to translate internal PBI documents and information for our website from English to Spanish and vice versa.

Consensus decision-making is a basic principle of PBI's ethos, so all decisions that have an impact on the whole organisation are taken by PBI's International Council after a full consultation with all PBI constituencies. Making sure that all documents relating to these decisions are available in both Spanish and English is therefore vital to PBI's functioning. By volunteering to help with translation you will play a very important role in the organization, while at the same time learning about our work.

We try not to send more than 1,500 words with each job, although sometimes we are short of volunteers and we might ask whether you could handle more. The flow of translations is difficult to predict, so there is sometimes a lot of work, sometimes very little. Although we set deadlines, we understand that these sometimes need to be flexible depending on what other commitments you have. If you are a translator of English and Spanish please contact the International Office.

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I/my organisation need financial help

We empathise with every individual and organisation that works for the peace and the respect of human rights, but unfortunately all the funds that we raise must be used to support our own projects and infrastructure. We were not set up to provide grants to other organisations. Nevertheless we can suggest an informal relationship, based on exchanging information; please look over our most recent Annual Review.

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I/my organisation would like to partner with PBI

Please make contact with your local PBI group from the list below or contact our international office on admin(at) However, if you are not a human rights or peace organisation it is unlikely that we would have the capacity to create a partnership.

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I would like to set up a PBI country group in my own country

If you have not been involved with PBI before, it is unlikely we would have the capacity to support you in the creation of a new country group. Please try to volunteer with PBI first in order to learn about the organisation.
If you are a former PBI volunteer, please write to us at admin(at) for more information and help to set up a country/associate group.

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